Our Trademarks and Servicemarks

Beverly House® is a registered service mark of Leonard M. Ross. Beverly House Group® and Beverly House World Properties® are proprietary service marks, including for (1) lease for multiple purposes, including business entertainment, personal and charitable events, and management, and investment, both equity and secured debt financing, through affiliated entities, of The Beverly House®, and other real estate high-end properties in the United States and elsewhere, as well as acquisition and sale of such other properties; (2) Real estate investment and financing for luxury residential real estate properties and real estate investment services in the fields of fractional interests in real estate; real estate syndication and structured real estate investments all in the field of luxury real estate properties; and (3) Real estate services, namely, rental, brokerage, leasing and management of commercial property in the nature of residential estates used for activities such as business and entertainment events; and leasing of residential homes and estates. The Beverly House®, Beverly House Group® and Beverly House World Properties® help provide highly targeted, unique, marketing opportunities for high end properties.