The Beverly House™

The Beverly House™ has a fabled history and has been the venue for memorable prestigious events. Perfectly secluded with excellent security, The Beverly House™ enjoys a prime location in the heart of Beverly Hills only three blocks from Sunset Boulevard and the Beverly Hills Hotel. The property features include 19 or more bedrooms and suites, depending

Leasing for Special Events: Corporate, Private and Other

The Beverly House™ is among the most impressive venues for special events in the United States. Nobody ever forgets The Beverly House™, where events can be held while enjoying the incomparable grounds and setting of The Beverly House™ and its Hearst Castle San Simeon-like interior portions. The Beverly House™ can accommodate more than 1,000 guests with 400 seated. Contact us regarding

Leasing for Personal, Residential and Philanthropic/Charitable Use

As Nick Watt of Good Morning America said about The Beverly House™ in his National Broadcast: “I could dream about it… I could dream about living here… and I will.” “Lease Goes Through the Roof” – Los Angeles Times Contact us regarding leasing The Beverly House™ for personal, Residential and Philanthropic/Charitable Use   Contact us regarding

Leasing for Filming

Filming at The Beverly House™ The Beverly House™ is well known for its unforgettable scenes in movies, including The Godfather and The Bodyguard. A new feature film shot at The Beverly House™ is to be released in 2017. Contact us regarding use of The Beverly House™ as a location for filming.  

Contact for Secured Trust Deed Investment

I am interested in secured trust deed financing: There may be the opportunity for accredited investors to participate through an LLC in secured trust deed financing regarding The Beverly House™ with economic returns, including a fixed annual interest rate as well as discounts on leasing, including events, at The Beverly House™, and participation in sales

Contact for Equity Investment

I am interested in equity investment: For accredited investors interested in Co-Ownership regarding The Beverly House™ through a limited liability company, contact For purchase inquiries regarding The Beverly House™, contact